Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Everyone has their favourite phrases to remind them what is important in their business life. When it comes to tax planning, David O’Brien and Associates is simple…

“Those who fail to plan; plan to fail“

Sometimes the simple things are right in front of us, a pen and paper… and now thanks to technology we now have computers.

These simple tools allow us to assist our clients in ensuring that any nuts and bolts that need to be adjusted along the way, are adjusted well before we start hearing them squeak.

With proper business planning comes great rewards. We quite often say to our clients that the tax return is simply the end result of all the hard work, long hours and scribbles with that pen and paper.

Some of the important services we provide include:

  • Tax planning to minimise tax exposure
  • Consultation to identify end of year tax planning measures
  • Interim reporting
  • Bookkeeping assistance
  • Monthly and quarterly reviews
  • Payroll assistance to minimise pay as you go instalments
  • Tax effective salary packaging
  • Advice on tax deferral opportunities
  • Advice to maximise franking credits and rebates related to investment dividend income from direct and indirect interests.
  • Tax planning techniques including allowances, income splitting, year-end strategies including gearing strategies.

Please contact us to assist you with good tax planning and forward thinking, so we can ensure we can avoid the squeaking.