Would you go to the airport without booking a flight? Would you go shopping without a shopping list? Here’s an idea… Would you invite your favourite celebrity chef to dinner without preparing a menu? The one thing these have in common is planning. Planning in accounting practice involves budgeting.

Budgeting is simply the initial process of planning your spending to ensure you have enough money at the end for the things we all think are important. A budget can never run out of money, it can simply provide a benchmark set of figures to allow you to map out your income and expenses over a forecast period, so you can simply see how your spending is compared to your forecasts.

No business should be without one. Fullstop.

Allow our firm to assist you with this process. Our services include:

  • Initially sitting down and confirming your major goals over the budgeted period
  • Preparing a detailed income and expense spreadsheet
  • Reviewing the spreadsheets to determine any feasible adjustments to meet your goals
  • Benchmarking periods to us ensure that your budget is being met
  • Review
  • Patting yourself on the back

Our firm can use detailed budget and expense worksheets to help you achieve these goals. Please call our office if you wish to take charge of your finances and ensure those goals are met.