The Accounting Profession Considered an Essential Service
Mar 27, 1 year ago

The Accounting Profession Considered an Essential Service

In communication to our clients, specifically the most recent ones regarding the reforms and incentives the various governments have provided, we have specifically mentioned that we want to be here for you – and hopefully soon that will be confirmed!

Like many accounting firms, we have measures in place to facilitate our normal business procedures. These are obviously very fluid and can change where required in the future. At the moment, where possible, we are refraining from face-to-face appointments, however with respect to social distancing requirements, sometimes this is unavoidable but does come with its own limitations.

Our office promotes flexibility not only in our workplace but, with technology doing its part with our clients, we can definitely still operate efficiently through a range of conference calls, video chats, email communication and simply using the mobile telephone to discuss any taxation and financial matters on a day-to-day basis.

What we ‘would like’, from our end, is to still have the option in the future of catching up with the clients face-to-face where needed. We like everybody can appreciate the climate we are in and will be directed as such, but hopefully the Government in some form or another will allow us to still have this option. Feel free to let them know you think we are an essential service!

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