Payroll Tax Measures to Assist with the Impacts of COVID-19
Mar 31, 1 year ago

Payroll Tax Measures to Assist with the Impacts of COVID-19

The Government and the registered states are assisting business owners affected by the Coronavirus crisis through payroll tax financial relief and assistance.

Each state is implementing their own measures and stimulus packages and the rates and thresholds vary between them so please read further and click on the links included to see how this affects you directly.

New South Wales: businesses with payroll of less than $10 million will not be required to make payment for March, April and May. Also, there is a 25% reduction in payroll tax you would have to pay in 2019-20 financial year which will be calculated in the annual reconciliation due in July

Queensland: A payroll tax refund is available for businesses with payroll up to $6.5 million for the months November & December 2019 and 3 month payroll tax holiday. Eligible businesses can also apply for a payroll tax deferral for the rest of the calendar year.

Victoria: Payroll tax will be waived for the 2019-20 financial year and deferral of payment for first quarter of 2020-21. This is available to businesses with payroll less than $3 million.

Tasmania: A payroll tax waiver is provided for approved applicants for March, April and May for businesses with payroll up to $5 million. Hospitality, Tourism and Seafood industry employers will also be eligible for this waiver. A rebate is available for businesses who employ employees aged 24 and under for a period of one year.

Western Australia: A grant of $17,500 will be issued for businesses with payroll between $1 million and $4 million. A payroll tax deferral is also available for the period 1 March and 30 June for businesses with payroll less than $7.5 million upon approved application. Payroll tax threshold will be raised to $1 million from July 2020.

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